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Arden Hills Remodel...'s always so fun to start a new project - especially a remodel project. New construction of course is our passion and consumes most of our day.....but we try to work in remodeling projects because we enjoy refreshing a space, making it functional and giving it new life~! We did just that this week...Demo started and in just 2 days the entire main floor was gutted, cleaned and ready for us to start framing the new floor plan so that we can begin rough-in's....Prior to demo, design plans were outlined, revised, and then revised again before they were ultimately finalized. Once permits were approved we were ready to roll....there is a good 4 weeks of pre-construction work that has to happen before we're ready to welcome the new cabinetry and in the meantime we will start the fine tuning the design selections so that everything is chosen and ordered before we need it....staying one step ahead of the guys is a challenge but it also keeps things moving in a timely manner.

Day 1 - we removed all the floor, trim, walls that we won't need, millwork, cabinetry, and lighting

Day 2 - Windows arrived today and were installed, along with the framing material we need to reframe the new Kitchen and Powder Bathroom layout.

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