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Making Tile Selections...

Tile selections tend to be one of the most difficult items to select during the build or remodel process. There are SO many choices, pattern's, types and textures that often clients walk into the showroom and are overwhelmed. I recommend taking it a room at a time, lay it out on the floor with all the elements that you are incorporating into the space...that way you get to see the palette come together, and get.a sense of what it will look like completed. After you get one room done....move on to the next room and keep in mind the continuity between rooms.

Talk to the showroom staff - they are a great resource regarding the durability of the tile that you are looking they know how your selection will perform. Biggest tip? Remember to order more than you think you need! In this market, supply chain issues are a real problem... and if you short yourself during the installation process - you may not be able to get the same dye lot or even the same on average order 10-15% more than you actually need! You'll be happy to have it when and if you need to replace a broken or chipped tile in the future. One way to make your selection process less overwhelming.... save or screenshot tile selections that you like or gravitate to when you search options online...if you find you are saving similar photo's each time you search - chances are that selection will be timeless for you....and a great place to start in planning your tile design.....

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